Meet The Maker


Hello there. My name is Alex and I'm the founder + maker behind Velvet Skull.

Velvet Skull has been an idea in the making for years and I am so happy to see it actually come to life.

IT'S ALIVE! as one might say...

I'd like to think myself an unapologetic aficionado of the creepy and macabre. My heart beats to the eerie rhythm of the unknown, finding solace in the whispers of the supernatural and the creaking floorboards of haunted houses. The peculiar and the spine-chilling are my muses, and I am dedicated to discovering the weirdo that lurks within us all. I invite you to embrace the unusual, to revel in the darkness, for in the corners of our souls lies the true essence of individuality and the enigmatic beauty of being delightfully strange.

With that being said, Velvet Skull is here to do just that. We're starting small, but I have big plans for her. And I'm hoping, just maybe, what we have to offer will bring out the strange in you, too. 


Owner + Maker
Personal IG: @latigree

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