Collection: Face Your Fears Vol. I

Face Your Fears Vol. I

Introducing our hauntingly unique candle collection, 'Face Your Fears Vol. I.' Delve into the depths of your fears with scents meticulously crafted to evoke the very essence of the terrors within us. 'Agoraphobia' unveils a blend of stifling spaces, inducing a breath of panic and the unsettling vastness of the world outside. 'Coulrophobia' releases the familiar aroma of the sweet scents of the circus, while igniting the dread of painted faces and manic grins. 'Hematophobia' reminds us of the metallic tang of blood, awakening ancestral fears and primal instincts. Lastly, 'Thanatophobia' embodies the scent of memorial flowers and decay, reminding you of your mortality and the eternal unknown. Each flame flickers, dancing with your deepest fears, for those brave enough to confront their shadows.