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Velvet Skull LLC

Hematophobia [blood] Candle

Hematophobia [blood] Candle

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The crimson fluid, a harbinger of life, adorns the room in a macabre display, walls and floor drenched in pure horror. The sight ignites a panic, as if the blood within you surges, an eerie awareness of its own relentless dance, a reminder of mortality's pulse.

SCENTS: blood orange + red berries

Available in two sizes/types:
12 oz: crackling wood wick - matte black vessel -  phthalate-free fragrance
5.65: double cotton braided wicks - matte black tin - phthalate-free fragrance

  • Soy wax blend
  • High quality fragrance oils
  • Hand poured in small batches

Please note: The nature of soy wax can sometime result in wax pulling away from the container or wick, resulting in what looks like minor cracks. This is to be expected and will not impact the enjoyment of the candle.

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Customer Reviews

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Bright citrus scent

You may see the candles and not think bright and citrus, but this one reminds me of a tropical drink! Spooky vibes don’t have to be limited to any one type of smell. Another well-crafted scent

Bloody good!

We tried a little bit of everything Velvet Skull has to offer in our order, and this candle's scent stands out in a way that's totally unique. It smells fruity and almost tropical, but with the container and description in mind, it evokes a predatory plant that's luring you in so it can swallow you whole. The branding is killer, the shipping was seamless, and we can't wait to face this particular fear.