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Velvet Skull LLC

Coulrophobia [clowns] Candle

Coulrophobia [clowns] Candle

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The upbeat trill of an organ resonates off the big top, accompanied by a cacophony of sinister snickers as the unsettling faces with frozen smiles emerge from their hiding places in the shadows. Fear takes over as the show begins.

SCENTS: caramel corn + sweet cream butter
TYPES: sweet, gourmand

Available in two sizes/types:
12 oz: crackling wood wick - matte black vessel -  phthalate-free fragrance
5.65: double cotton braided wicks - matte black tin - phthalate-free fragrance

  • Soy wax blend
  • High quality fragrance oils
  • Hand poured in small batches

Please note: The nature of soy wax can sometime result in wax pulling away from the container or wick, resulting in what looks like minor cracks. This is to be expected and will not impact the enjoyment of the candle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Smells exactly like the description

This candle smells so good and like the description that when she lit it actually fooled my friends dog into some heavy begging thinking she was making some yummy treats and not sharing with him!

Smells so good it's scary!

I can't say I've ever encountered a candle that evokes an entire narrative (and a compelling one!) before...until now. Carefully packed and shipped, it arrived in pristine condition, and its sweet, buttery scent is so good, it makes me hungry—and also a little freaked out, when I reread its description while smelling it! Even if burning this bad boy summons Pennywise...I feel like it's gonna be worth it.