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Velvet Skull LLC

Ghostie Candle

Ghostie Candle

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These eerie apparitions are forever trapped in a world they no longer belong in, yearning for what awaits them in the spirit world. Tragically they are cursed to haunt your home, watching you enjoy the luxuries of the living they can no longer afford while they search for ways to escape. To be free.

Each ghostie is approx. 5"H x 2" W x 2" D. 

Contains soy wax and cotton wick. This candle is UNSCENTED.

This product is meant primarily for decor. While it is able to burn, it was not created with burning efficiency in mind. Please exercise caution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Can’t bring myself to burn it

Buy 2 if you want to actually burn one because it looks absolutely great! Reminds of when I was a kid and would get a cool pencil or eraser and then never actually used them because I never wanted to use it up. Looks exactly like the website photo.

Love this candle

It looks just as good IRL as it does on the site. Was clearly meticulously crafted, and carefully shipped, because it arrived in pristine condition and instantly became the coolest candle we own. Dunno if we'll be able to bring ourselves to actually burn it, honestly...maybe on Halloween night! But if we do, we're gonna need another.